Sunday, May 3, 2015

Day 6

We woke up expecting a pretty uneventful day.  Our surgeon told us on Friday that we would look at going home on Sunday or Monday. He said that they want to keep the fontan kids there for at least a week, just to avoid any problems that would cause them to come back. They took us down for x-rays extra early today. I held her in the wheel chair since she could hardly stay awake to sit up on her own.
We came back around 4:45 and were able to go back to sleep. Grace slept in late, it was 9:30 before she woke up. She woke up to a great surprise,  her cousins and aunt came for a visit. These girls always make her smile. They brought her a great gift, an itunes gift card and magazines for mom. It will help so much over the next six weeks as we attempt to keep her down. 
She had another very healthy breakfast...French fries and nuggets. Didn't really matter because she didn't eat much of it. 
It wasn't too long after they left that the doctors rounded and gave us the great news.  They told us that they would be sending us home. They were concerned with her eating, but felt like she may do better with it at home. They wanted to get her home to start healing. It's hard to get much rest when you are being checked every four hours. We couldn't have agreed more. Only problem was that we were stuck at the hospital. We didn't have a ride home.  My little guy had a soccer game at 11:00 and everyone had stayed home to watch.  She quickly made a phone call to her dad to let him know. 
We also made a video message to send to our family and friends.

 While we were waiting for daddy we had another visitor. Our friend Tara came for a visit. She brought Gracelyn some things to make bracelets. The two of them stayed busy doing that while I packed things up.
Finally daddy showed up and began loading the car. We kept joking we would need a Uhal to get home. We at least had room for the three of us to get home. It took severals trips to the car with two wagons. All the other parents were congratulating us as we were walking out. They knew what it meant to leave. We walked out of the building with one of our loads and I lost it. 5.5 years of waiting and it was finally over.  It was very overwhelming.
We loaded the last things in the van and went back to the room to get our girl. We had a minute together alone, said a quick prayer to thank Heavenly Father for all his blessings and headed home.

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