Saturday, May 2, 2015

Day 5

Today was a very uneventful, low stress day for us (and almost a fun day for Miss Grace). Overall everyone is still thrilled with how she is doing. Everything looks great. Today we simply tried to get her to eat, drink and pee. We were back up at 5:00am for x-rays and since we stayed up late watching My Little Pony, we were both exhausted. She came back to her room and went back to sleep until her surgeon stopped by to check on her. He is very happy with how she is doing. I was so scared to ask for picture of her and him, but I knew I would always regret it if I didn't. I was brave! She wasn't even awake, but I didn't care. I was nervous we wouldn't get the chance again. When she is older I want her to know who the man is that is responsible for her awesome heart. This is her Cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Burch. He's one of our new favorite people. ;) He was very happy with how her heart is doing. He wasn't super happy with how she is drinking and eating.

For breakfast she was given the choice to eat anything she wanted. None of us cared what it was, we just needed food in her. We ended up with Pizza, Oreo shake and chocolate milk. We actually managed to get her to eat a lot of it.

Grace had two fun FaceTime calls this morning. Her Aunt T hasn't been feeling great and didn't want to come to the hospital sick. We chatted with her and her baby for a bit. Her preschool class also wanted to say Hi again. She was being silly for them.

Jeff showed up early today and got her out of bed for a walk. While I got showered he took her to a Science Fair down the hall. She had a lot fun. It was strange to have her out and around others, but the nurse assured me no sick kids were allowed in the room. :/ The PCH volunteers are awesome! They made a homemade lava lamp, glow in the dark worms and dry ice bubbles. Super fun!

On our way back to her room we could see how sunny it was outside. We talked her into eating a popsicle out in the sun. While he dad went to find some popsicles she kicked back and soaked in some rays. It was sweet and must have felt so good.

I offered to get some lotion and rub her legs and feet. She jumped at the idea. Once I got the lotion she insisted on rubbing my feet. Seriously, Grace?! I wouldn't let her and she fought me on it. We gave her a nice massage and then since insisted I put MY feet up. I had to of looked like the worst mother on the planet. Here is my daughter hooked up to tubes, with a huge incision down her chest and she's rubbing my feet. That is my Gracelyn for you, she is very nurturing and motherly.
Her nurses set the goal for her  to blow bubbles or windmills eight times a day. They encourage her to do this for her lungs. We took her bubbles with to the patio and got to work.
 Jeff had to carry her back to her room. We wore her out completely and she crashed.
Jeff's  sister and kids came to see Grace.  Gracelyn loves puzzles. Her cousin was sweet and helped her put one together. She liked that.
We had planned a movie night with Grandpa and Grandma and the kids. Grandma brought the new Paddington Bear Movie. They popped popcorn and brought drinks, but we didn't make it through much. The kids wanted to be outside, so we headed back to the patio.
Gracelyn's little sister is missing her. She was one of my major concerns when we were planning the surgery. These girls are 18 months apart in age and best friends. They play together all day long, every day. Shay was the biggest blessing to our family. She was my surprise baby, but Heavenly Father knew what he was doing. During sick season when Grace doesn't leave the house, she always has Shay to play with. The pictures say a lot about how Shay feels towards Grace.
I have the best family. I'm sure by this point everyone knows this. ;)  It's not only my immediate family, but my extended family is so supportive. My dad's brother and wife came to visit and check on Grace. It meant a lot to me.
After everyone left Grace was struggling with back pain. She had been complaining about it most of the evening. We guessed it was due to lack of out put. This is one thing that is going to keep her from going home. The nurses decided to do a bladder scan. Right as they were coming to do it, she finally went. We wrapped her back in a warm blanket, gave her some Motrin, and she feel asleep quick.


  1. Grace is the only person I know who looks completely adorable staying in the hospital! I wanted to cry seeing her rub your feet; she is such a tender girl. Glad things are looking good so far. :)

  2. She is such a beautiful little person, thank you for all the updates, we love you guys!

  3. Her color is fantastic! Love seeing that gorgeous red in those cheeks and lips. :) She truly is Miss Amazing Grace.