Sunday, September 26, 2010

9 Months Old...

This picture describes Gracelyn perfectly. Everything she finds goes into her mouth. We've already done the heimlich several times.
She wasn't in the mood for pictures. We couldn't even crack a smile. She just wanted to sleep. Maybe next month will be better.
The lady of the house is now 9 months old. She is sweet, feisty, adorable and funny all rolled up into a little ball of chubbiness. Everywhere I go I am told how chubby she is. Ha! Those cheeks of hers sure tell a great story. She had her 9 month well child check up this week and the doctor told me three times that he couldn't believe how great she was doing. It is so nice to hear! The only concern with her is the size of her head and her ears. No surprise there! Her weight has been consistently at 5% but her head has been all over the place. We are going to watch her for a few months and then do a cat scan. I tried to reassure the doctor that it is a normal thing for her to have a big head. Her last name is Sanders after all. :) Just look at her dad and brother. Her ears aren't so great either. She is back on antibiotics again. The doctor thinks that she doesn't have her left tube anymore. We find out tomorrow if we are head back to Primary's for another ear surgery. :( Gracelyn has had a couple changes recently. She started to crawl last Sunday (Sept. 19) It was just an army crawl, but she is getting around. On Monday (Sept. 20) grandma was watching her and she rolled over to a coffee table and grabbed it and stood up. She had her first tooth pop through on Wednesday (Sept. 22). She has added to her vocabulary and now says brother (Bu-ba), dog and Grandpa. She has certainly checked into life. She is so fun to have around. She is learning to stand up to her brother when he starts to drive her crazy. She screams and swats at him. She is a big tease! Again, just like her dad and brother she likes to tease me. Every morning when she wakes up the first thing she does is look for her brother. She starts asking, "Bu-ba? Bu-ba?" She has FINALLY started going to other people. She will dive at her dad when he walks in. She has also left me to go to grandpa and her brother. Grandpa has taught her to wave hello and goodbye and signal for someone to come. It is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen.

At nine months old Gracelyn...
-Has the entire house wrapped around her finger
-Has super chubby cheeks
-Still hadn't found the need for sleep, she wakes up every 2-3 hours
-Says: Dad, mama, dog, brother, grandpa, hi
-Can sign: More, dad, grandpa
-Hates vegetables-she dry heaves whenever I giver her anything green. She must not be mine.
-LOVES to be put in the shower
-Always has her hands in her mouth
-Eats everything she can get a hold of
-Army Crawls
-Is wearing her 3-6 month clothes...finally
-Is a binki addict
-Takes .83 ml propranolol 3 day
-Takes 1/2 aspirin daily
-Weight: 15.13 pounds 5%
-Height: 26 1/4 inches
-Head: 18 inches

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Heston James Brian

Today a sweet friend of mine laid her little boy to rest. The hurt I have felt for her has almost been overwhelming. I can't imagine and I pray I never have to know what heart ache she is feeling. Since the day he was born she has been an example of a great mother and what unconditional love is. I am grateful to have had the chance to know this little boy and have been touched by his mother's love. I know without a doubt she has a special mansion in Heaven. I find joy in knowing he is now free of his mortal body and all it has held him back from. He can now run, play and giggle like a three year old should. Please keep his mommy and daddy in your prayers. I love you Tiffy! Heston James-You have a great mommy. Stay with her always. Help her to find peace and know that she will be with you again soon.

A memorial fund has been set up with Golden West Credit Union to help the family with all the medical bills and funeral services. It is under his name Heston Brian.

Friday, September 10, 2010

More Firsts for the Little Lady

We have been having fun with more firsts from our little lady this summer. With her being smaller I think we forget how old she is sometimes. She had been getting frustrated watching us eat so I decided it was time that she got the enjoyment of feeding herself dinner as we ate. She got a nice bowl of carrots and bananas. She ate every bit of it and enjoyed every minute of it. She was a mess. She headed straight for a bath when she was done (maybe that's why we haven't done it yet.)
Since I was little we have gone camping a lot of the summer. We still go camping with my family nearly every weekend during the summer. It has been fun to be able to take my kids where I spent a lot of my childhood and see how they enjoy it. Gracelyn's first night camping was GREAT! She only woke up once! I decided I would move there if it continued. It didn't! My dad and grandpa built a playground for us kids when we were little. Now Mr. C and Gracelyn are enjoying it. Gracelyn finally got a chance a swinging on her own and she loved it! She giggled and squealed the whole time. My dad and Mr. C walk the river a lot. One weekend they decided to put Gracelyn in with them. It was cold, but you can see how unhappy it made her...

Gracelyn also got a first chance at riding four wheelers with us. We strapped her to me and headed up Jeff's parent's property. Again, she squealed the whole time. Whenever you put Mr. C on a four wheeler he goes to sleep, always has. Not Gracelyn. She let the wind blow through her hair and thoroughly enjoyed herself. She is definitely one of us!Earlier this summer we took her swimming. We got a really long oxygen cord and swam where ever we wanted. Again, she loved it! She is so fun and smiles at just about everything our crazy life brings her way.