Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Heart Mom Lunch

On April 30, my mom and I had the chance to get together with all the other "Heart Moms" in the area for a luncheon. They gave us each the chance to invite a women that has supported us through what we have been through with our heart babies and I obviously chose my mom. First they did Glitter Toes on us... so nice, especially since the ladies that were there doing it were all volunteering their time for our sake. Next they fed us lunch catered by Cafe Rio. After lunch we introduced ourselves, guests and who our child was. Last the played a video of all of our heart babies. They did such a great job on our behalf. Everything was decorated so cute, hearts everywhere of course, and it was finished off with darling heart cupcakes everywhere. It was nice to get together with some of ladies that I have come to know over the last year. They are definitely a source of strength to me.