Saturday, September 14, 2013

MIssing her family...

Grace has been having a really hard time without her brother and sister (not to mention her Grandma, who she had a nervous breakdown over about 2 hours into the flight. ) The first night we were in Boston she stayed up for over an hour singing (Gracelyn's life is a musical and she is ALWAYS singing about what is going on around her) about how much she misses and loves her brother and sister. It was so hard to hear.  I didn't want to stop her, so I laid in my bed listening to the sweet song and crying. Praying for Heavenly Father to comfort her while away from them. I didn't know it would be so hard on her to separate from them, even for one day. She needs them.  She loves them.  We didn't have plans to go to the airport to pick them up, but when we left the hospital we had almost an hour to before they arrived. She quickly painted a sign and we headed for the airport.

Breakfast for lunch with a side of SILLY...

Yesterday at lunch Gracelyn asked me to get my camera out. Here is what she needed me to capture. LOVE this girl!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Boston Children's Hospital

Today we spent the entire day at Children's Hospital for testing and to meet with doctors.  We really liked it here. It's HUGE and COLORFUL! Every children's hospital should be just as bright.
We had to take a picture of this sign as we walked in. We LOVE it and feel like telling people this every time they smoke around her.
Gracelyn was fantastic! I couldn't have asked for her to be better. We were scheduled to arrive at the hospital super early for a sedated echo.  I convinced them that she would be good and didn't need the sedation and it bought us a couple more hours of sleep (who am I kidding...I haven't slept in days...). Lucky for us they listened and lucky for me she was just as I told them she would be. She was WONDERFUL! The tech told us that "she is the BEST three-year-old that they had ever worked with." They played Tinker Bell for her, but she ended up falling asleep instead of watching it. She let every doctor and nurse do just as they asked. Heavenly Father sent her down with her trials, but he also sent her with everything she needed to get through it all. She is so patient and brave. She's a super star!

She was so great we had to take her for treat! Let's pray tomorrow will be just as great!

Yawkey Family Inn

This is the beautiful place we are staying. It was built in 1889.  It was originally a frat house that they have turned into patient housing.  It is in a city called Brookline, but we are only six blocks aways Children's Hosptial. We have our own room with shared bathrooms, kitchen and family rooms. It is nice to have somewhere safe to stay!

Leaving for Boston...

Gracelyn received this poster on Tuesday from all of the sweet kids in her Sunbeam class. Gracelyn has THE best teachers EVER! I can't thank them enough for all they have done to make her feel loved. Thanks Joey, Suzanne and Amanda! She loves you all!
As we were leaving there were signs placed all along our way! She LOVED them! Thank you!
She was so happy to be flying on the airplane. She was very patient with the oxygen and mask that she had to wear.

It wasn't until two hours into the flight that she lost her excitement. She cried and cried and CRIED for her grandma.  She kept telling me that she "just needs her grandma."

We had a great flight. It was even 40 minutes early! As we were landing you could see what a beautiful place it is. We hope to have some time to see it! Thanks for all the prayers!