Friday, February 11, 2011

Our Big Surprise/Good News

First-Our Big and Surprise (especially for us) News. We haven't really talked about this much. It has taken awhile to accept and digest. After a few ultra sounds I even questioned it, but I'm ready to spit it out. Actually I'm a little fat around the mid-section and it can't be hid anymore. In about four months Jeff and I are expecting Baby #3. I am due on June 27th, my birthday. Happy Birthday to me! I know it is true that Heavenly Father knows the true desires of our heart. Jeff and I didn't have the courage to even talk about having more kids, let alone having one. However, both of us wanted more. The chances of having another heart baby are double what they odds of Gracelyn even having her defect were. The percentage is small, but it is still very scary to us. Gracelyn was only 9 months old and 4 months out of surgery when I found out I was pregnant. On her first birthday we shared the news with our families that she would be a big sister. Even though it was a surprise and is very scary, we are SO excited. It will make Grace and the new baby about 18 months apart. At this point I'm not sure if I am more scared about another heart baby, two kids 18 months apart, possibly two heart babies 18 months apart or three kids under the age of four. What I do know is that, for whatever reason, this baby is supposed to be coming to our family at this time. We aren't finding out what the baby is. We want it to be a surprise. Tuesday we had an appointment with the perinatologist at McKay Dee. We were send there because they deal with high risk pregnancies and they wanted a good look at the heart. Below are a few pictures of our little one. On to our Good news: This little picture below is beautiful!! It is a picture of the heart. It shows four symmetrical chambers, functioning valves, a beautiful developed pulmonary artery and blood flowing in the right direction. It gives us a lot of hope. The heart is still the size of a finger nail, it's tiny. However, it was at this point the could see something wrong with Grace. The ultra sound doesn't show it all, but it's a good start. What we do know is that this little ones had ten good fingers :) We saw lots of pictures of them. It kept it's head buried, but waved to us often. We are so excited to share this news. We are confident all will be well. On March 22, Gracelyn has a cardiology appointment to have and echo done. We pray this will be our only "2 for 1" cardiology appointment, as we are having a fetal echo done the same day. We are so grateful for all the prayers that have been said on behalf of our family. We ask for continued prayers on behalf of our new one.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Every four weeks we take Gracelyn in for her Synagis (RSV) shot. We felt so LUCKY to be able to get it TWO seasons in a row. I was warned that it was usually only given to infants for one sick season in their life. I asked my doctor and he told me they wouldn't do it. I asked him if we could please look into it and we got it! We were approved for a second season. YEAH!! This shot is so expensive. I believe hers is up around $6000 per shot this year. We start in November and end in April. Thank goodness for insurance! I have made myself a little sick over RSV season. I am so nervous about her getting sick. My doctor told us last year that if she got it we could lose her. Everything I read says how hard RSV is on CHD and cyanotic babies. Also, as a side note: I don't particularly love sleeping on the couch at the "Mansion on the Hill." I want to be at home with my family. For this reason our we have been told that we need to be careful with her. No more church until the end of April, which is a bummer because it is so hard to enjoy and learn anything at church with a one year old, but she has been an ANGEL. I've been told several times how good she is. I hope we don't break that habit. We need to keep our house somewhere safe for her. SO, if you are sick, we will miss you, but please don't come by. :) If you are going to love and touch her, PLEASE wash your hands first. It is hard, but we are getting ourselves back into the hand-washing/hand-sanitizer mode where ever we go. I hope that isn't too harsh. We love that she is loved, but we love her being healthy even more. Back to the shots...She received her latest injection on Tuesday. Before they give it to her they weigh her so that they can give her the correct dose. On Tuesday she finally hit the big TWENTY. 20. TWO. ZERO. She is moving up! She is in the 15th percentile. She has been in the 5th percentile since birth. It must be that yummy whole milk we've switched to and all the bread, waffles and crackers she loves to eat. She is bigger than other 13 month olds I know. (Now, that big 95% head could have something to do with it, but regardless, she is 20 pounds.) I LOVE IT! With that being said we are super happy with how she is doing. Honestly, she couldn't be any better right now. Well, a whole functioning heart would be fantastic, but you get the point.